Change your phone settings to easily improve the sound quality of your phone.

Phone Headphones

Change your phone settings

For the best sound quality, you need to go to the settings section of your phone. In most Androids, there should be a “sound quality” section where you can make some changes to suit your needs. It offers very technical features, including UHQ upconverter and surround sound options. However, this does not apply to all phones, so it’s best to provide Google with your specific make and model, or ask the manufacturer’s website for help. Or if this seems too laborious, you may need to take the next step…

Improve your headphones

Sometimes, it’s not the fault of the phone at all – this is the quality of the headphones you are listening to. In order to fully enjoy the audio sound field of your mobile phone, you need to upgrade from cheap low-quality headphones that are usually equipped with mobile phones.We recommend that you visit the KFBUY website (especially the noise reduction section and choose a suitable headset to help you really focus on the music).

Keep the headphone jack clean

It happens to everyone. Sometimes lint, dust and other small parts get stuck in the headphone jack. This may affect the connection and may prevent your sound quality from sounding great. To clean it, take some small, pointed things – such as safety pins or sewing needles – and clean as much as possible. If appropriate, you can also use a dry cotton swab. Remember to be as gentle as possible!

Check Your Music App

Sometimes it isn’t your phone or headphones that’s the problem – it’s the App you’re listening to music with. YouTube and Spotify both have areas that let you alter the sound quality, letting you personalize everything from X to X. Apple Music is a different story – it has higher quality streaming and audio, so they prefer you to alter your settings via your iPhone. Either way, spending ten minutes perfecting these settings can make a huge difference.

Phone Headphones

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